Adding friends Service is temporarily Disabled in Orkut – How to Fix it

by Simrandeep Singh on March 10, 2009

Some Orkut users are getting an error when they try to send friend requests. This error message says Adding friends Service is temporarily Disabled. This problem can occur when you try to send too many friend requests in a short duration of time. Once you are blocked, you will have to wait for about one week before you can send new friend requests.

When I checked Orkut help regarding this topic, I came to know that Orkut had set a limit to curb spam and viruses.

As part of our effort to curb spam and viruses on our site, orkut has a limit on how many actions (scraps, messages, friend requests, testimonials, topics, events) you can perform in a certain amount of time. After you perform one of these actions many times within a day, you’ll see a word verification box for subsequent attempts, as long as you haven’t yet reached the limit. If you try to exceed our current limits, you’ll see this error message: You are temporarily unable to perform this action. Try again later.”

To avoid getting these type of errors, don’t send too many friend requests, scraps in a short duration of time. Orkut treat these type of actions as spam. So be careful.

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How to fix this error?

According to Orkut Applications, To sort out this problem, logout and keep your orkut account inactive for 5-6 hours and this problem will be solved automatically.

Note: If you don’t want this error to appear again, don’t use Java Script code in your Orkut profile and if you want to use it, then don’t use it for more than 3 min.

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