Download Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

by Simrandeep Singh on March 13, 2009

After the release of Firefox 3.0.7 Security And Stability Release, Mozilla has released Firefox 3.1 beta 3 now. It was released on Thursday, March 12, 2009. Firefox 3.1 beta 3 is released for developer testing and community feedback. It includes many new features as well as improvements to performance, web compatibility, and speed.

New features of Firefox 3.1 beta 3

  • Improved the new Private Browsing Mode
  • Improved performance and stability with the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine.
  • Improvements to web worker thread support.
  • New native JSON support.
  • Improvements to the Gecko layout engine, including speculative parsing for faster content rendering.
  • Support for new web technologies such as the and elements, the W3C Geolocation API, JavaScript query selectors, CSS 2.1 and 3 properties, SVG transforms and offline applications.
  • Firefox 3.1 beta 3 now supports 64 different languages.

Download Firefox 3.1 beta 3

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