Awesome Utility to Backup and Restore Android Call Logs

by Sarvesh Shrivastava on January 28, 2013

Android is undoubtedly one of the  most widely used mobile operating system. Along with a sleek interface, it offers dozens of awesome features. Since its a Google product, you can easily connect your Google account with your Android phone.


Connecting your Google account with your Android phone has its own benefits as it allows syncing of your personal data such as Contacts with your Google account so that your data can be accessed from anywhere and also can be easily restored in case you reset your android phone.

However, there is one very essential feature that is missing from Android phones. What’s that? Well, the feature that Android is really missing is the ability of backing up the recent logs/dialed and received calls. Recent logs i.e. dialed and received calls do not get synced with your Google account.

Also there is no option to backup these info even locally on the phone. So, if you are planning to reset your phone but don’t want to loose all the recent logs, you might be in trouble.


So, isn’t there any option to take a backup of the Recent logs? Well, today we are here with an awesome utility which provides you with the option to backup the Recent logs.

The app is named Call Logs Backup & Restore and it is available for free in the Android Play Store.  So, you can launch the Android Play Store on your Android device and with  a few clicks the app will get installed on your phone.

Taking a backup of the call logs is also very easy. Just follow the below mentioned steps to get it done.

(1) First of all, go to the application launcher menu and launch the Call Logs Backup & Restore app.


(2) Here select the Backup option, available at the top.


That’s it. Now the app will backup all the recent logs to your memory card.

Now that you have made a backup of the recent logs, here’s how you can restore it.

(1) First of all, go to the application launcher menu and launch the Call Logs Backup & Restore app.


(2) Here select the Restore option, available just below Backup option.

Did you like the app? Do you know any better app? Please leave your comments below.

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chiru January 29, 2013 at 11:41 am

Hi sarvesh,
Great utility for back up the data and recent logs..
Good article . keep posting


dataguru March 20, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Thanks for the Info but its too late for me i recently lost my all contacts from my andriod phone and there is no way out for me !!!!!!! but it’s ok !!!!! Thanks again !!!!


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