Sometimes you may want to exclude posts of certain tag from your WordPress blog’s homepage. Suppose you write paid reviews about some services or freewares available on internet and you don’t like those reviews to appear on your blog’s homepage. You can add a tag to review posts and then exclude the posts of that […]

7 Reasons To Choose WordPress To Start A Blog

by sourishnath on November 16, 2011

Wordpress Spam

WordPress is the best platform for starting a blog as it is free open source software with a large blogging community ready to help any time. Here are some points to consider before choosing WordPress for your blog. Why Choose WordPress To Start A Blog ? 1. No HTML Knowledge Required WordPress has a built […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Blog

by jasmine on October 18, 2011

There may not be specific rules that everybody can use to become the best blogger or to create the best blog. Bear in mind that blogs are created by different people for all sort of different reasons. Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can create a blog hastily and expect everybody to love it. That […]

Free Premium WordPress Themes

by Simrandeep Singh on July 19, 2011

Free Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is not a platform for only blogging anymore. However users are using it for more advanced purposes like e-commerce and advanced job board websites. Some websites are so professionally designed that it’s not even possible to recognize that these are designed with WordPress. So we can say that there is an advancement in both […]

How to Boost YouTube Feedback

Video sharing sites like YouTube provide embed code for videos in iFrame format now. It was really easy to embed YouTube videos using old code method. Just copy and paste the embed code and the video is ready to use in posts. But it is not possible to directly insert iFrame code for videos in […]

WP Plus – Google+ WordPress Theme

by Simrandeep Singh on July 6, 2011

WP Plus - Google+ WordPress Theme

Few days back Google released its new social networking site Google+. Most of us who got the invitation to Google+ are already experiencing it. Some of us like it but others dislike it. From the WordPress developer point of view one thing that I like the most about this theme is its simple and clean […]

Download Ducati 2 Theme for Windows 7

by Simrandeep Singh on June 29, 2011

Ducati 2 theme for Windows 7

Few days back I informed you about the Classic American Road trip theme for Windows 7. Now Microsoft has made available yet another Ducati theme for Windows 7 on the Windows personalization gallery. The gleam of the paint, the grip of the tires, the unmistakable roar of that four-stroke, L-twin, desmodromic valve engine: There is […]

Wordpress Plugins to keep readers on your blog

One of the things that every blogger knows is that it’s vital to keep readers on your blog.  If you want to build a brand and an online presence, whether it’s to complement your business or if the blog is your actual business… your readers are what make it worth the while.  Your readers are […]

How To Take Complete Backup of WordPress Database and Files

by Simrandeep Singh on March 16, 2011

If you are a blogger then you might be aware of the importance of taking WordPress database backup regularly. Not only database backup, you must also take backup of other files like images and videos of your blog once in a while. This is very essential for every blogger as you may get hacked someday […]

How To Disable The New Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1

by Simrandeep Singh on February 24, 2011

A new version of the WordPress v3.1 “Reinhardt” has been released and it is available for download. You can either download it or update it from your dashboard. There are many new features in WordPress 3.1. Admin Bar is one of the features which are added to latest WordPress 3.1.  This admin bar is displayed […]

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