Set Any Image As Folder Background In XP

by Simrandeep Singh on October 7, 2008

You might have seen the option to set any image as folder background in older versions of Microsoft Windows but this option is not available in Windows XP. Today, I’m going to tell you a quick and easy method to set any image as background of a folder in Windows XP. Just follow the following […]

How Not to Be Banned by Google?

by Simrandeep Singh on September 28, 2008

Google is the best source for traffic to your website and if your site is banned by Google, You will lose that source. Sites which are banned by Google may not appear in search result pages. There are many reasons for which Google ban websites. The sites which caught violating any of the rules of […]

Down For Everyone or Just Me?

by Simrandeep Singh on September 27, 2008

It happens many times when you try to open a website but it keeps on loading. Even refreshing the page doesn’t help. In most of the cases it happens when a website goes down but some times it happens due to a problem in your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Here is an online tool which […]

Chat With Your Visitors With New Yahoo Messenger

by Simrandeep Singh on September 27, 2008

New Yahoo Messenger 9 is launched with new feature called Pingbox. With Pingbox, you can chat privately with your visitors. It is like Google Talk Badge but with some differences. You can style your Pingbox with available backgrounds, size, color, personal greeting, and more. You can easily embed Pingbox to your page using one-click button […]

Drives are not opening by double click. What to do ?

by Simrandeep Singh on September 23, 2008

If it happens to you that you are not able to open the drives by double-click, then your system may be infected with virus. When this virus infects your windows, it automatically creates a autorun.inf in the root directory of each drive. This autorun.inf file is usually hidden, read only and is a system file. […]

Get 1 Terabyte of Free Online Storage

by Simrandeep Singh on September 21, 2008

Yesterday I came across a site that offers 1 TB (Terabyte) of free online storage. 1 TB is a huge amount of space and you don’t need to pay for it. You can host your files there and do lots more. And the name of that site is Oosah. It is a feature rich Web […]

Video DownloadHelper – Mozilla Firefox Addon

by Simrandeep Singh on September 18, 2008

Video DownloadHelper is a add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It helps in downloading videos from YouTube like sites. Now you don’t need to download any software or visit certain websites to download YouTube videos. You can download it very easily with the help of this add-on. It capture video and image files from websites. While you […]

Transform Firefox browser into Google Chrome using addons

by Simrandeep Singh on September 14, 2008

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser till now and its favorite browser of most of the internet users. Even recently launched Google Chrome can not replace it although Google Chrome has some good features. You can get more out of your Firefox now by transforming Firefox into Google Chrome by using addons. This way […]

Make Money By Just Watching Videos

by Simrandeep Singh on September 14, 2008

Have you ever heard of making money by just watching videos ? Yes, you can now earn while watching videos. Till now you used to make money by joining survey sites, by viewing ads and some other ways that are hard to use, but its the easiest way. When i heard about this site, I […]

Best Transformation Packs for Windows XP

by Simrandeep Singh on September 12, 2008

Seven Transformation Pack

Windows XP is the most common and most used operating system. Although other operating systems are released in the market but users still prefer windows XP over any other OS. So it’s obvious that you might be bored with the looks of Windows XP. So here I present you best transformation packs for Windows XP […]

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