Things are changing every day and, as each iOS version is released, Apple ups the ante where jailbreaks are concerned. Determined to stamp jailbreaking out for good, they seem to be winning at this point with just one jailbreak released in recent months, compared to recent years when we would have had several by now. The lack of access to Cydia has led to the search for an alternative way of getting paid apps and games for free, something we could once only enjoy by jailbreaking and downloading apps like vShare. Now, we can do it without a jailbreak with an app installer by the name of AppToko.apptoko

What is AppToko?

AppToko is an app store, an installer that provides us with tons of features, including the ability to access and download paid content for free. Much of this content comes directly from the app store but you will also find some content that is exclusive to AppToko and can’t be found anywhere else.  Download from your choice of apps and games, the top-selling charts in the iOS and Android app stores, wallpapers, themes, ringtones and a whole host of other content. Here’s what AppToko offers : read more