Some of the world’s best photographs are taken at night. Although its not an easy task to take good quality pictures at night. But some artists do it very well. Here I have collected some of the best night photography shots from different sources taken by some best artists.

  1. Night at the railroad station by Firebird Night at the railroad station
  2. Under the bridge by Firebird Under the bridge
  3. A Snowy Night at the Kiev Opera House by Stuck in customs A Snowy Night at the Kiev Opera House
  4. The ROM at Night by livinginacity The ROM at Night
  5. Whirls of the light by Ervill Whirls of the light
  6. Shibuya at Night by AndySerrano Shibuya at Night
  7. Paris by donantoine Paris
  8. Night by elffists Night
  9. Fire and Water by Vivion Mulcahy Fire and Water
  10. Highway at Night by wide_screen Highway at Night
  11. Don’t Walk, Dante! by Stuart Gibson Don't Walk, Dante!
  12. Big BadaBoom by redwolf518 Big BadaBoom
  13. Night in the City by schloumpfinenight_in_the_city
  14. Multiple exposure fireworks by Alan Browne Multiple exposure fireworks
  15. C-Curve by BraveRoyC-Curve
  16. Tunnel by wplowesTunnel
  17. The Arc de Triomphe At Night In Paris by Stephen
  18. Night by E1ectrostaticNight
  19. Light Signature by elffistsLight Signature
  20. Summertime by W-i-nn-e-RSummertime
  21. Sacramento Tower Bridge Passing by lunasicc sacramentotowerbridgepassing
  22. The Louvre at Night by dealived The Louvre at night
  23. All the Fun of the Fair by onis_uk All the Fun of the Fair
  24. Light Still Shines on the Fair by alecfeld Light Still Shines on the Fair
  25. London Eye by element059 London Eye
  26. London eye at night by mareika london eye at night
  27. Wanchai, Hong Kong by Richteralan Wanchai, Hong Kong
  28. Guandu Taiwan by BraveRoy Guandu Taiwan
  29. Night Deal by Febo-theRealOne night deal
  30. The City of Lights by Macindows The City of Lights
  31. Highway at Night *reloaded* by wide_screen Highway at Night Reloaded
  32. Atlanta Lights by eugene_il Atlanta Lights
  33. Halifax at Night by T-Hip Halifax at Night
  34. The City lives by xMAXIxThe City lives
  35. Speeding by sh0gun9 Speeding
  36. Triumphal Arch by ScorpionEntity Triumphal Arch
  37. Oslo by Night by oJuliceo Oslo_by_Night
  38. Something and Harrison by penginnoikari Something and Harrison
  39. Night Lake by kornwithakay Night Lake
  40. Time Tunnel by Dragan Jovancevic Time Tunnel
  41. Eurogate by Jens Kling Eurogate
  42. Colosseum at Night by David Wilmot Colosseum at Night
  43. Niagara Falls at Night by olvwu Niagara Falls at Night
  44. tomorrowland by Jens Kling tomorrowland
  45. Night light blur Night light blur
  46. Fountains of Heaven by Suren Manvelyan Fountains of Heaven
  47. Explosion of Lights by Fabrice Muller Explosion of Lights
  48. Night Lights by angelsphere101 Night Lights
  49. Hong Kong Night by =Jez92 Hong_Kong_Night
  50. Train at Night by RichardRH Train at night
  51. Budapest at night by dusselmann Budapest_at_night
  52. Budapest at night 6 by dusselmann Budapest_at_night_6
  53. Night Blues by Simon Butterworth Night Blues
  54. Night Move by Wilson TsoiNight Move