Everybody likes Gold and gold related products. While writing my previous post on 28 hand picked high quality hand picked abstract wallpapers, I came across some Gold wallpapers. I have collected 24 best Gold related wallpapers in this collection of wallpapers. You can download and give a GOLD effect to your desktop with these high quality gold wallpapers

  1. Gold Wallpaper5161_5
  2. Suzuki Golden Brakesuzuki_golden_brake_1024x768
  3. Gold Bars and StonesGold_bars_and_stones
  4. Xmas Golden GlobeXmas Golden Globe Wallpaper
  5. Symbol of ProsperitySymbol_of_prosperity
  6. Gold Bullion Bar on the Scales5190_5
  7. Golden Eggs5137_5
  8. German 2 Euro Coinsgerman-2-euro-coins-wallpaper
  9. Pot of GoldPot_of_gold
  10. Nescafe GoldNescafe Gold
  11. Money In All Shapesmoney-in-all-shapes-wallpaper
  12. More Gold BuildingMore Gold building
  13. GoldGold
  14. Gold Bullion on the ScalesGold_bullion_on_the_scales
  15. Golden Gate Bridgegolden-gate-bridge-wallpaper
  16. Great Buildinggreat-building-wallpaper
  17. Golden Leafgolden_leaf
  18. Gold Wallpaper #187085184_5
  19. Gold JewelryGold_jewelry
  20. Bentley W66 GTS Gold2008-ASI-Bentley-W66-GTS-Gold-Front
  21. Gold RenaissanceGold_Renaissance
  22. The Alchemy of Gold LusterThe_alchemy_of_gold_luster
  23. The Golden era WPThe_golden_era_WP